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Image Credit: Courtesy Werner Dafeldecker.


Liquid Architecture 13: Antarctic Convergence is here! Artists have been zig-zagging across the country to get to the first festival events which are kicking off in Perth TONIGHT at the glorious Hackett Hall Gallery, Western Australian Museum, and continuing until Tuesday 26 June. Second on the festival trail is Bendigo, regional Victoria, which has Artist Talks, Workshop and Live Concert Performances in its program, on Wednesday 27 June.

Early birds to arrive at festival concert events this year will receive a free copy of the very limited and wondrous Liquid Architecture 13: Antarctic Convergence Audio CD 


For your chance to win, SING FOR YOUR LUNCH, get onto twitter and tweet away between now and Friday 9am. The best tweet as deemed by the Liquid Architecture interns will result in a double pass to the Melbourne festival Performance Concert Program, which is next up on the touring schedule.

In this edition we bring you two Artist profiles for Werner Dafeldecker and Robin Fox. Also packed in, some information about our Bendigo presenting partner, Undue Noise, an essential organisation that facilitates the presentation of experimental music and film in Central Victoria, and who are essential to the Bendigo festival events reaching you each year. In 2012 Undue Noise and Cajid Media is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

From the 2012 Liquid Architecture Team. 

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Image Credit: Werner Dafeldecker near Maraambio Base, Antarctica. Photography by Lawrence English.


Werner Dafeldecker has a background in European modern music and improvisation, examination of graphical notations, fluxus, minimal music, electroacoustic music, jazz and field recordings. His musical projects are often inspired and deduced by outside influences such as architecture, physics, photography and film. Longtime sound and structure studies and the formulation of distinct articulations are at the center of his work as a composer and musician and parallel technological developments often connected with electronic formats.

Werner traveled to Antarctica in 2010, and of his experiences recording here is are some insights into his time near the Esperanza base: 

"To be situated in front of a group of about fifteen calming Antarctic fur seals near the Argentinian Esperanza base on the Antarctic Peninsula evoked increased heart rates. Their hiss and low frequency noises cutting against the coherent silence enclosed by Esperanza Bay let me puzzle over this immediate form of communication. The fundamental condition of silence in this area was not only a magnificent basis for field recordings but a rare and ever-lasting experience in itself." 

Werner's travel to Australia is supported by the Austrian Embassy Canberra. 

Werner will present the work Monolith Project with Lawrence English and Scott Morrison, along with works in the West Space exhibition Antarctic Convergence, and White Heat: Sur Polar at the Brisbane Powerhouse. 

Find out more about this artist:


Festival Artist Profile     See Program of Events     Hear more Sounds from Werner 


Robin Fox is an audio visual artist working across live performance, exhibitions, public art projects and composition for dance. His work Laser Show which synchronizes sound and visual electricity in hyper-amplified 3D space has been performed worldwide. His recent work Interior Design: Music for the Bionic Ear was shortlisted for a 2011 UK Future Everything Award and has been selected for representation at the 2012 Paris Rostrum of Composers. Recently Robin Fox designed and built the Giant Theremin for the City of Melbourne and is currently developing a hybrid sound/dance work with Stephanie Lake involving fire powered kinetic musical sculptures.

In 2011 Robin Fox undertook an Australia Council residency project at the Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart in conjunction with the CSIRO, where the work zero-crossing was developed: 


"zero-crossing is the culmination of an inter-arts residency undertaken at Salamanca Arts Centre where the primary aim was to take data from wave-rider buoys in the Southern Ocean and somehow sonify and visualise that data in order to create an experience for the senses. The idea was to try and capture the awesome fluctuation (so common in natural phenomena) from pattern through turbulence into chaos. Ocean waves are periodic displacements of energy that have amplitude and frequency in exactly the same way that sound waves do.

The sounds in this installation are all sonifications of ocean wave fluctuations recorded in 1985 by the wave-rider buoy off Cape Sorrell. Though periodic, the data also contains chaotic flux, the amplitudes of the ocean waves when translated directly into sound waves produce ‘noises’ which emerge later in the work."

Robin will present the work zero-crossing in the Performance Concert programs of Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Find out more about this artist:


Festival Artist Profile      See Program of Events     More Sounds from Robin   


Undue Noise is a non-profit collective of experimental musicians and multimedia artists resident in central Victoria. Formed in 2002, Undue Noise is now an incorporated organisation and its aims include giving local experimental artists an opportunity to present their work to the public, but also to provide opportunities for Central Victorian audiences to be exposed to innovative sound and video art from other parts of Australia and overseas. Undue Noise presents events in Bendigo and Castlemaine, and with Jacques Soddell facilitates the presentation of the central Victorian component of Liquid Architecture Festival of Sound Arts.


Major Supporters 
In 2012 Liquid Architecture is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, Arts Victoria and City of Melbourne. 



Australia Council      Arts Victoria         


All 2012 Partners and Supporters can be found at  

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